Part of a large and diversified logistics group

Ultranav was founded as Sociedad Naviera Ultragas 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen (1901 - 1971) and has since then developed into a considerable and diversified shipping group. From the head office in Santiago, Chile, and from the network of offices around the world, the Ultranav companies actively serve customers in a wide range of shipping related services.

Ultranav operates a fleet of about 425 units of which around 80 ocean going vessels and 110 tugs, barges and off-shore vessels are owned.

Throughout the world, Ultranav aspires to build and operate the best platform of shipping services and, as a partner you can trust, provide efficient and safe transportation services to the mutual benefit of its customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Since its origin, Ultranav has been closely related to Ultramar, one of the main suppliers of integrated port services and cargo logistic solutions in the South and North American markets. With their offer of agency services, integral shipping solutions, industrial logistics and ports operation they complement and enhance Ultranav’s services and the value provided to its customers.  Ultranav owns around 80 vessels and around 110 tugs and operates about 425 vessels and tugs combined. They are employed in the transportation of crude oil, refined products, chemicals, liquid gases, dry bulk cargoes and containers, as well as tug boat services, pilot boats, AHTS, OSV, push tug and barge services.  Ultratug operates more than 100 offshore vessels, harbour & LNG terminal tugs & pilot boats, servicing the majority of ports along the Chilean, Peruvian, Ecuadorian & Colombian coasts in the Pacific, along the Argentine, Uruguay and Brazilian coast in the Atlantic, as well as in Mexico. Ultramar is one of the principle suppliers of integrated port services and cargo logistic solutions in the South and North American markets. Ultramar’s principle activities include agency services, container deposits, stevedoring and port operations.

Pérola, a dedicated fertilizer facility

Established and developed as a joint venture between Ultrabulk , PCS Fosfatos do Brasil &and Eurobrás Maritima S/A. It offers a bonded facility in the Santos, Brazil, specialized in handling solid fertilzers in bulk. Focus is on efficient operations of vessels via berthing priority system, quick, safe and reliable cargo handling, which includes road and rail loading facilites.

Terminal specifications:


250m, with draft of 11 to 12m

Shore Equipment:

Four 12m3 radio controller grabs, two mobile hoppers 300mt/hr and conveyor belts 600mt/hr

Vessel discharging

8.000 mt/day, based on 24h x 7 day operations

Storage, throughput and shipment

Two 18,400 m2 covered warehouses, 100.000 mt static capacity or 1.2 mill. Mt/year capacity. Loading rate for both truck and rail shipments of 6.000 mt/day based 24h x 7 day operations.

Environmental concerns

Operational safeguards include hoppers fitted with filters and water spays, as well as covered and filter fitted conveyor systems.

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